Our corporate launch takes place in October 1993 as an individual enterprise. In January 1996 we change our corporate formation to Emetris Ltd. adopting the philosophy: ‘Emetris Consultants Business Development Ltd’. In practice it is the continuation of a visionary plan in Research – Consulting by a group of former fellow students of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, towards SMEs.

Our philosophy back then was to provide Coaching Consulting services at and Outsourcing, with annual full support, thus creating our first corporate business core.

The result of this first institutional work was Emetris to become a member of the World Advisor Organization AMCF, based in New York in 1997. For the certification of our consulting services, the company and its people have adopted and apply the principles of the Code of Professional Ethics conduct of the Association.

This documented the consulting role of Emetris for the provision of ‘Institutional Counseling’ through relationships developed with customers, ensuring an exogenous objective observation.

In 2000 as a result of the above Strategic Institutional Counseling, we case studied projects for submission of application for admission to the Athens Stock Exchange.

In 2002 the company became an SA. It expands its staff organization by extending the working methodologies used in New Forms of Cooperation in Projects with the projects’ distinction to the phases of Analysis – Planning – Installation. Meanwhile, 100% of its turnover comes from private projects without any aid from the various subsidized programs.

In 2003 the company entered the field of Quality Assurance Services by accrediting with ISO 9001, certifying the high standards of its services. At the same time, it forms the new Department of Systems and Performance Improvement, implementing numerous projects for various companies.

In 2004, with the change of the New Investment Law to a clearly more operational philosophy, a new Department of Investment and Financing Business is created, undertaking a large number of investment projects under various subsidy programs. These projects span all over Greece: Crete, Epirus, Central Greece, Peloponnese, Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace.

In 2005 with the implementation of the largest business incubator in Greece and in SE Europe, Thermi SA, Emetris intrude into the area of Applied Innovation & Technology, evaluating more than 500 business plans, supporting the first Venture Capital investments for knowledge intensity start-ups. That year the headquarters of the company were transferred to new and modern premises of 350 m2 in Thessaloniki’s Innovation Zone.

In 2006 a new sector was created, providing services to Public Bodies while implementing our first projects focusing on the public sector, always having in mind the Implementation Methodology of Entrepreneurship Projects.

In 2007 Emetris enters the field of Environment and Renewable Energy Sources, creating the new Environmental Planning & Development Department by completing the first 7 investments in Photovoltaic Plants in Northern Greece.

From 2008 and thereafter, having documented organizational development for Private Companies and Public Entities, Emetris is involved in many projects expanding its customer base.

In 2012 Emetris enters the international market through Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations, undertaking as subcontractor projects in various areas, including but not limited to the Balkans (FYROM, Bulgaria, Albania), Asia (China, Armenia) and the Middle East (Jordan).

In 2013 Emetris creates the Phemonoe lab, emphasizing on Research, on Future Studies (Scenario Analysis, Strategic Foresight) and on Market Trending.

Finally, in 2014 Emetris in cooperation with the pan-European Consultancy Network forms and initiates ‘Emetris Academy’ with emphasis on Educational Programmes on Tools & Strategic Planning Methodologies.











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